Because of dynamic growth of our company, we would like to offer You our services. Our company specializes in the production of that type of cabinets and other metal elements used to protect electronics. Because of our big experience (from 1963), we know exacly, how to manufacture all kinds of metal elements.

We are specializing in enclosures used in mining industry, energetics, power distributors, alarm systems, telecommunication, metal elements for 10'' and 19'' cabinets, and many more. We can also make products used in medical equipment and car industry.

We would like to encourage You to cooperate with us. We can make all types of enclosures and other metal elements used in Your company. We can offer comprehensive services: from projects to full made product. We can deliver really fast, with good prices.

If You are interested in our offer, please contact us via phone or e-mail. We will arrange a meeting at Yours or Our place. We can answer all Your questions before any formal cooperation.

We remain at Your disposal at the following telephone numbers::
22 632 47 68 9:00 - 15:30 moday - friday
601 20 33 18 8:00 - 22:00 7 days per week
or via e-mail

Cooperation terms

All projects should be delivered in electronic format (CAD - dwg, PDF, JPG or other image formats) or as a traditional paper project. If You don't have any of those, we can make it for You.

We can make full documentation in CAD format according to Your guidelines and needs.

During project of new enclosure or other metal element we can help You - You can exploit our experience and years of practice. We are very flexible and we are always trying to 100% fulfill our Customer's needs. Because of that, during project we communicate with You to ensure the best applicable solution.

You are kindly inviting You to start cooperation with Us.