The price for enclosure or other metal element depends on individual needs and specification delivered by Customer. More specific information means greater probability of specifying correct price. Necessary data: material, gauge, amount and shape of holes (with dimensions), quantity and size of threaded elements. More useful information: IPxx class, lacquer surface, galvanized surface, quantity in future production. If You can provide most of information mentioned above, we can specify price range. It doesn't mean that the price range set at this point is a final price, because during future communication there can be more things having impact on final price. WE DON'T SPECIFY PRICES BASED ONLY ON DIMENSIONS.

Prototype price

A price of prototype enclosure is specified based on individual needs. There are few ways to determine the price - from standard pricing (high price), through multiplication of minimal production price, to free prototype. We are very flexible also in this area of cooperation and we are trying to make proposal that is most satisfactory for customer.

Lacquering and galvanization

Lacquering and other surface processing are made by our Partners. We have special agreements to ensure good pricing and high quality of those services. In order to provide complex service and production to our Customers, some work is outsourced to our partners who specializes in particular fields. In that manner the best quality is guaranteed. If You delegate us surface processing, You can be certain that this work will be done according to Your needs, at reasonable price and best quality You could get.

Minimum quantity

Minimum quantity depends on particular product. It may starts even from 10 items. It also depends on periodicity of Your orders. In special cases we can deliver even less products.

Delivery time

Delivery time depends on how complicate the product is. We try to deliver products in no more than 3 weeks. Often it is about 2 week’s period. If the product is quite simple to make, it can be even 2 or 3 days.

I have electronics, I need enclosure

If customer has all electronic elements but he/she does not know, how to design an enclosure, we can help with that. If You deliver us all elements and tell us what You generally need, we can provide project of such enclosure. After consultation we will specify price and build it for You. Such consultations are free of charge.

Quality and repeatability

Every project we make is made with great care and emphasis on repeatability. If there are not many modifications, even elements ordered few years ago, are compatible with those produced today. We are working hard for many years on our reputation; we cannot afford to lower our standard.

Changes in the project

We can always modify projects for customer's individual needs. We are famous for our flexibility in that area. What is worth mentioning is that those changes are free of charge. We make sure that our Customers may introduce necessary changes until the beginning of production.